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So far, so good.

Hi again!
I have studied hard, 2 hours aday for 4 days now. (I really hope I can keep my motivation up.)
usually I start with hiragana. I'll start learn katakana when i have memorised all hiragana that way that I don't need hiragana sheet's help when reading. I use about 15 mins top this at the start and the end of my studytime.
after I've done with hiragana I watch one episode of "Let's learn japanese basic 1" from youtube. I take some notes.
after that I read one chapter from "Genki 1" and "Takako Karppinen: Japanin kielen alkeet"
I'm not learning Kanjis yet and I don't really know when I should start with those.
that's pretty much it. usually it takes about 2 hours.
now I should do proper study plan that i could follow.
well then, cya.


Hello. i would like to be your study buddy. We could sent some post to each other and talk about what we have learned sofar?

I don't think you can get that Takako karppinen's book anywhere, only from Finland. And if you don't know any Finnish you don't really do anything with it.

You can order copy of Genki 1 from http://www.thejapanshop.com/


ありがとう ございます。

Thanks for the tips.

I did study that two hours at once. Now I try to split this time in two 45 minute and one 30 minute sessions. (I use that 30 mins mainly to review those two 45 min sessions.)

And what comes to those kanjis I think that would be good to start learn those when I have mastered kanas, thou I already know some kanjis. :D 一 二 三 and some another basic ones.

It makes me motivade too to unterstand some sentences, words. And when I understan something from songs or anime(whitout subs ofcourse.), that feeling is good. :D



Allow me to give you a few study tips

-Two hours a day is good, but it sounds like you're doing all your studying at once. Try splitting it up into increments (Maybe four 30 minute ones) and take breaks in between them.

-Start learning Kanji when you have mastered the Katakana and Hiragana.

-It's hard to say how to keep your motivation up, because it can be different for everyone. But everytime I can translate a whole sentence (Rather than just a word or expression) from a song, anime, or drama, it gets me pretty motivated :).


Do you know where i can pick up a copy of "Genki 1"? and "Takako Karppinen"? Best of luck! and if you need a study buddy, since im new and learning hirigana as well, let me know! :)
Suki Rai Sayoko
-"You may say im a dreamer, but im not the only one" John Lennon

-"You may say im a dreamer, but im not the only one" John Lennon

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