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1:30 AM, 06/04/08, #13, New Music, Updates*

First, the music, since I've been a lazy tool.
1. キセキ (Kiseki) - Greeen
2. O2 - Orange Range
3. 蝶 (Butterfly) - V6
4. 虹 (Rainbow) - Aqua Timez
5. Dreams Come True - Hey! Say! JUMP
6. Prisoner of Love - 宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru)
7. 羞恥心 (Sense of Shame) - 羞恥心 (Sense of Shame)
8. Don't U Ever Stop - KAT-TUN
9. 幸せのものさし[Your Wedding Day](Measure of Happiness/Your Wedding Day) - 竹内まりや (Takeuchi Mariya)
10. LIFE - キマグレン (Kimaguren)
11. Don't Be Late - シェリル・ノーム starring May'n (Sheryl Norm starring May'n)
12. 踊れ (Dance) - Micro
13. 約束の翼 (Promised Wing) - MISIA
14. ロケットスニーカー/OnexTime (Rocket Sneakers/OnexTime) - 大塚愛 (Ai Otsuka)
15. 忘れもの/サイケなハート (Left Something/Psychedelic Hearts) - 堺正章 (Masaaki Sakai)
16. ウッーウッーウマウマ(゜∀゜)- キャラメル (Caramel)
17. BEYOND ~カラダノカナタ (BEYOND ~ The body of another) - AAA
19. おかえり (Hi) - 絢香 (Ayaka)
20. 俺らしく - 北島三郎 (Saburou Kitashima)
Hey guys! I would say sorry but I'm just getting annoying so I won't apologize ;) School has been over for about a week now, but that doesn't mean work is over like I though it was going to be. Monday and Tuesday I had finals in Math and History, Wednesday I packed and left the dorm and the rest of the time I've been filling out my application and getting ready to go to Japan :) I'm leaving on the 23rd and returning the 16th of july. I'm going to Tama, Tokyo and Ueda, Nagano. I'll be sure to write in a journal and post it once I get back. I've been learning a lot of Japanese lately to get prepared for the trip, sorry I haven't spent time on you guys! I've been Kanjistep.com that's really helpful in case you are having difficulty learning Katakana, Hiragana or Kanji here at the Japanese page.
I've been learning a lot of random words lately, so I thought I'd give you a few that make me happy :)
Kiichigo (Kee-chee-go) - Rasberry
Hirugohan (Hee-roo-go-hahn) - Lunch
Akari (Ah-kah-ri) - Light
Suidou (Soo-ee-dohh)- Water (This one is really good because a lot of words that start with sui have something to do with water...for example, Suika is watermelon or Suisaiga is a watercolor painting)
Tasukete (Tahs-keh-teh) - Help (As in Help me, please)
Tako (Tah-koh) - Octopus
Ika (Ee-kah) - Squid
Lastly, if anyone feels like teaching me how to make an audio file, that would be super because then I can actually post songs for you to listen to instead of just giving you lists of songs that aren't even on itunes.
SWEET~ Mina, ja ne!

jopop thingy...

gosh!! thats why i ant t learn japanese... to understand the songs of HEY SAY JUMP!!!!

*First Post*

uhh...Hello! I joined the other day, but this is the first time I've really got on this site...hnn...so...wel...uhn...hi?


hello dear friend how r u...
can we be good friends ........
for more detail pls read myprofile bye ..
waiting for your reply ...

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