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Today I got 500 Right in ChipChat Hiragana Drill with only 1 wrong (why does さ and ち look so same?)! I'm pretty satisfied. I usually get sa and chi right but I don't know why I pushed wrong button. (maybe I hustled little?)
so I'm thinking that should I beging with katakana tomorrow? Think I will.
I'm taking break now from studying. I have used now about 30 minutes to hiragana writing and recognizing them. next I think I recap everything I have already learned. word order, questions, kore/sore/are wa ___ desu, asking what things are, ga imasu/arimasu structure, ___ wa doko ni desu ka?-thing, ___ o kudasai, -te/-de kudasai and some vocabulary + something more that I don't remember to put here :D. Well, that's not much but it's something. (As you might know I haven't studied long, about two weeks. so i think that's pretty well.)
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My little sister, who is manga and anime and Japan freak like me (thou she doesn't study Japanese), asked me how I have strength to study Japanese. I said: "When I listen Japanese in music or anime and I understand it... That makes me feel good." Then I said something like: "Everybody can learn Japanese or any another language if they just dare to try." (Don't know if that's true, but I really want to believe in that.)
I think that's all now. Gotta start studying again.

は。。。。 れ わ

は。。。。 れ わ ね and め ぬ always screw me over DX

And its not さ and ち that mess me up, but ち and ら .

If I'm having problems now... wait til I really get into Kanji (I just started DX)

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::pulling out hair::

I _still_ don't have those 4 straight _yet_!

Someone told me a little story about a girl named "Sue" (tsu) to help me, but I can't remember that either! Does anyone else know that story? It's something like "Tsu" looks up? I can't remember!

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If you think さ and ち are