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3:40PM, 6/15/08, #14, 1 Week!*

Hey guys! For all of you papas and otousans out there, Happy Father's Day! Today was kind of sad because it's my first father's day without my dad..but I'll make it through. Besides, it's one week until I leave for Japan! Waaahhh! :) Things have been pretty good recently...I've been in New York a lot with my friends walking around...we went to the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum which was pretty interesting (and gross). Went to central park..bought candy..went to the Sanrio Store..you know :) I bought a Keroppi plushie cause he's my favorite (plus he's a froggie~). Anyways I'll stop being annoying and talk music.
Lately I've been listening to a couple of songs that I can't stop playing-
Yui - Summer Song
Chieko Kawabe - Quiet Riot
Janne Da Arc - DOLLS
ON/OFF - Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi
and even though it's Korean, this is a really good one:
Tae Yang (Big Bang) - Look At Me
I'm planning on updating atleast once before I leave, possible today or tonight, depending on whether my massive headache will go away-
Anyways, yeah I hope everyone's Japanese is going well~remember to study everyday...it's better for like 10 minutes a day than 2 hours every 2 weeks!~
Some boring vocab, because we all need to be bored sometimes :) -
High School - Koukou (Kouh-Kouh)
Job - Shigoto (Shee-Goh-Toh)
Bill - Kanjou (Kahn-Jouh)
Librarian - Toshokan-in (Toh-Shoh-Kahn-Een)

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