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Allrighty, so...I'm as new to Japanese as it gets...I'm about halfway through learning to read Hiragana...then I'll try tackling Katakana and Kanjii.
Now, I would have needed some good pages to start off, a bit more complicated than hello, or goodbye, but way less complex than 'Once upon a time'...
I'm having a lot of trouble finding some middle ground here, even using textbooks. I may know how to introduce myself and ask for a drink or ask them if they speak english, but I still have no clue how to say the seasons for example, or how to tell time. I'm missing a lot of basic vocabulary and I'm having some trouble finding any help since most lessons seem to be skipping this part and advancing directly to grammar and such...
Help please?

Hey, I understand your

Hey, I understand your problem. I had it for a looong time. What I did was get Rosetta Stone level 1. Even though it doesn't really tell you the grammar it still helps me a lot. The commercials actually are telling the truth!! Hahahaha it really does work. And the great thing about the program is that you can either keep the txt as Romanji (the English pronunciation)in just normal Japanese which includes the Kanji, Katakana, and Hirigana, or you can just keep it to Hirigana. So its a great way to learn the pronunciation. And what they do for excersises is they will have a native Japanese speaker speak a sentence and then you will have to find the picture that matches that sentence. It's a great program I really suggest it. The only downfall to Rosetta Stone is that it is expensive. I got mine for $215.00. But the price may or may not have declined since then. I got mine last summer so who knows. Hahahha but please believe me when I say that Rosetta Stone is worth all the money!! It really is.

I hope that helped :)



There are short Japanese stories in Hiragana in http://life.ou.edu/stories/
Have a good time.



This has lessons on basic grammar and such, I found it very helpful when I was starting out.


This has all the vocab you need for the JLPTs (You'll want to start with 4), and splits them up into 20-some odd lessons with about 25 vocab words in each lesson. It has quizzes and things to help you remember the words.

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Check some of these out.

It does seem we're lacking a page on the year & seasons. So here's some vocab for ya.


As with most vocab, it's just a matter of looking it up in a dictionary.

Hope this helps a bit. ^_^

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