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Hi! Konban wa!

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Hi everybody! I love almost everything about Japan, so I'm excited about this site! My website is about the culture, music, anime, manga, and J- horror. It's at http://shadow22cat.wordpress.com Have a look at it, let me know what you think. Thanks! I also have been trying to study Japanese on my own with a textbook, but I got more confused when it hit the high level grammar stuff. Hopefully, starting fresh again will help. The language is just awesome! I'd love to speak it more often. I'm hoping to teach English or American Culture in Japan after I graduate. The other route is just to be a translator either in Japan or back here in America. I'd end up doing what I love everyday. Which is learning about their culture and language. Well, maybe I'll post more tomorrow. Sayonara! Bye!

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"cant figure out how to type

"cant figure out how to type in japanese yet"

Then you need Global IME type setting from >>> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/recommended/ime/default.mspx <<< for Windows 95 and up~
And I think you could also try www.twinbridge.com as well for Japanese typing on any Windows-based application.


Konnichi wa. I also like

Konnichi wa. I also like Japanese culture(That's why I'm learning Japanese, of course.) Back in 3rd grade my friends called me Tokyo-boy(they still do a bit.) Anyway, I recently decided to learn Japanese and bought a textbook after studying hiragana a bit on this website. I still cant quite remember katakana, but I'll learn, and i keep using romaji (A bad habit i really should get out of.) After high school I want to get a job with a large corporation (based either here or in Japan) in which i can go to Japan frequently while going to college here, or live in japan, go to college there, and work as an assitant manager or paid intern (i want to get an business degree or bijinesu no senmon, cant figure out how to type in japanese yet, so ill just use romai for now.)Ittekimasu!