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6:30PM, 8/9/08, #18, New Music + Life*

Hey guys so I signed on today and much to my delight we have 1999 (aka, 2g) subscribers to the Japanese Page J-Music Blog run by yours truly. In this post I'm planning on updating you on my not-so-exciting life and posting today's oricon chart. so if you hate my life or just don't care, scroll away. So things have been pretty good lately...I've been talking with my friend Rie from Japan (pics in one of my last posts) and she told me they are in Hiroshima now. Lately I have been missing Japan...maybe it's because I'm tired of America haha. Well not tired, just I live in a small suburb in Jersey, so it's kind of boring. I got my driver's liscence last week :) so I have been going out with friends a lot which is cool. My brother goes back for his senior year of college tomorrow and I'm going to miss him a lot. I'm not exactly excited about living alone with my mom for the next month. But I'll live...I visited my grandma a lot and of course, like every italian grandma, made me like 20 bowls of pasta and lots of biscotti. Hehe. Yay food.
I'm getting excited about going back to school... I leave the 30th because I have soccer preseason for a week or so. So I'll try and post extras this month because I'm going to be busy this fall applying to colleges >.<
Anyways I'll update you more later...
*Here's the music-
1. I AM YOUR SINGER - サザンオールスターズ (Southern All-Stars)
2. One Love - 嵐 (Arashi)
3. GIFT - Mr. Children
4. 崖の上のポニョ - 藤岡藤巻と大橋のぞみ Nozomi Fujioka and Huzimaki Oohashi
5. 陽は、また昇る [The Sun Also Rises] - アラジン (Alladin)
6. SATSUGAI/甘い恋人~for the movie~ [SATSUGAI/Sweet Love~ for the movie~] - デトロイト・メタル・シティ,根岸崇一 (Negishi Takashi)
7. 080808 - 米米CLUB
8. Shiny GATE - 中川翔子 (Cranberries)
9. 鐘を鳴らして<初回限定盤> [Ring (Limited Edition)] - Bonnie Pink
10. RAINBOWS - アリス九號.(Alice Nine.)
11. もっと遠くへ/オーケストラ [Farther/Orchestra] - レミオロメン (Remioromen)
12. キセキ [Kiseki] - GreeeeN
13. Your Seed - Hey! Say! JUMP
14. 泣かないで [Shh] - 羞恥心 (Shameful)
15. 蛍 [Firefly] - 鬼束ちひろ (Onitsuka Chihiro)
16. 羞恥心 [Shameful] - 羞恥心 (Shameful)
17. 告白 [Confession] - FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
18. 紅葉 [Autumn Leaves] - 陰陽座
19. KissHug - aiko
20. love the world - Perfume
Over and out yo-

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Arigato (for this) * i know

Arigato (for this) * i know its kore something lol*
Thanks for the dedication.

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