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Dozo Yuroshiku!

Heyy hoo~ lolx.
Im definitely a newbie in AN EXTREME panic mode. *wipes sweat*. Im planning to take JLPT level 4 this year and my friend just told me yesterday that JLPT level4 requires you to study up to intermediate 3 *at my learning center*! and Im currently ONLY at intermediate 1 (entering the confusing world of plain form)! We'll only start learning kanji at Intermediate 3... Owhh.. im panicking and its too late to chicken out as ive already bought the form.. T_T
So, everyone please take good care of me. Interacting is *i believe* the fastest way to prepare ourselves for the exam! XD
Oni sensei, dozo yuroshiku. tetsudatte kudasai.. kanji no tipsu ga arimasu ka.
minna! akiramenaide kudasai!!
On another note; i think that my granny is pretty cool. XD

I'm not sure how the classes

I'm not sure how the classes at your learning center work, but you might consider holding out on the JLPT4 this year and just skipping to JLPT3 next year. But if you've already paid the money, then I guess you'll just have to take it. :)

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