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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
しょうせいほし - star 衛星 ei sei - satellite
火星人 ka sei jin - a martian, an alien from Mars
惑星 waku sei - a planet
しょうせいまつりごと - politics, rule 行政 gyou sei - administration
民主政治 min shu sei ji - democratic government
しょうせい - refine, essence 無精ひげ bu shou hi ge - unshaved due to laziness
妖精 you sei - elf, fairy
じょうる:せる - to ride, get on 乗っ取り nottori - hi-jack, take over, capture
曲乗り kyoku nori - trick riding, stunt riding
波乗り nami nori - surfing, riding waves
じょう - form, letter 果たし状 hatashi jou - letter of challenge, challenge to a duel
招待状 shou tai jou - invitation card
じょうつねとこ - normal, regular 異常 i jou - strange, abnormal
非常 hi jou - emergency, unusual, extraordinary
じょうせいなさ- condition, emotion 愛情 ai jou - love, affection
事情 ji jou - conditions, situation
じょうしろ - a castle 万里の長城 ban ri no chou jou - the Great Wall of China
平城京 hei jou kyou - ancient Nara
じょうす:れる:らす - to evaporate, steam 蒸し暑い mushi atsui - humid & hot
蒸発 jou hatsu - evaporation, mysterious disappearance (of a person)
じょうたたみたた- tatami mat, to fold up 畳み掛ける tatami kakeru - to press hard for an answer, ask many questions
畳替え tatami gae - renew tatami mats, change mats
じょうせいる:- to become, form, achieve 行き成り iki nari - suddenly, without warning
完成 kan sei - perfect, complete
賛成 san sei - approval, agreement
しょく - employment 求職 kyuu shoku - seeking employment, looking for work
辞職 ji shoku - resignation
しらべる:ちょうととのう:ととのえる - look up, research, tone 強調 kyou chou - emphasis, stress
順調 jun chou - smoothly, good, doing well
下調べ shita shirabe - preliminary investigation
しりぞく:たいしりぞける - to retreat 退嬰的 tai ei teki - conservative, unadventurous
退却 tai kyaku - retreat, withdrawal
しんもり - forest 森林 shin rin - forest
森閑 shin kan - silence
しんもう- report, call 申し込み moushi komi - an application
申し訳 moushi wake - an excuse, apology
しん - body, self 受け身 uke mi - passive (grammar)
出身 shusshin - come from, where you are from
しんふかい:ふかまる:ふかめる - deep 奥深い oku fukai - profound (can also be: oku Bukai)
深刻 shin koku - serious
しんすすむ:すすめる - to advance, move forward 一歩前進 ippo zen shin - a step forward
行進 kou shin - parade, march
しんじん - subject, retainer 総理大臣 sou ri dai jin - Prime Minister
文部大臣 mon bu dai jin - Minister of Education
しん - believe, message 確信 kaku shin - confidence, conviction
信仰 shin kou - faith, creed
遭難信号 sou nan shin gou - distress signal, SOS
しんはり - needle 短針 tan shin - the hour hand, the small hand (on the clock)
針金 hari gane - wire
しんびる:ばす - to stretch 欠伸 akubi - yawn, yawning
追伸 tui shin - postscript (of a letter)
しんる:かす - to go to sleep 朝寝坊 asa ne bou - sleep too late, oversleep
寝顔 ne gao - sleeping face
寝言 ne goto - talking in your sleep
しんふるう:ふるえる - to shake, quake 大地震 oo ji shin - big earthquake
武者震い mu sha burui - shaking with excitement
地震雷火事親父 jishin kaminari kaji oyaji - (proverb) the things most feared: Earthquake, thunder, fire, and fathers
すい- to blow 潮吹き shio fuki - the spouting of a whale
花吹雪 hana fubuki - falling flowers (mainly cherry blossoms)
吹き替え版 fuki kae ban - dubbed version (of a movie)
すえまつばつ - the last part, end 結末 ketsu matsu - end, conclusion
週末 shuu matsu - weekend
幕末 baku matsu - end of the Edo period
すぐれる:よう excellent やさしい - gentle, tender, kind, nice 女優 jo yuu - actress
優柔不断 yuu juu fu dan - indecisiveness, can't decide on things
すずしい:りょうすず- cool (temp) 清涼飲料水 sei ryou in ryou sui - soft drink (you are not required to know this one)
清涼 sei ryou - cool, refreshing
すみたん - coal, charcoal 石炭 seki tan - coal
炭酸水 tan san sui - carbonated water
木炭 moku tan - charcoal

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