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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
あらい:こう violent; rude; wildれる become rough 荒い arai - wild, rough
荒れ地 are chi - desert, wasteland
あらう:せん wash お手洗い o te arai - toliet, bathroom
洗い熊 arai guma - racoon (lit. washing bear) usually written in katakana
洗濯 sen taku - washing; laundry
洗脳 sen nou - brain washing
あらそto struggle, quarrelそうあらそquarrel; dispute 競争 kyou sou - competition, contest
戦争 sen sou - war
南北戦争 nan boku sen sou - the US Civil War
あらためる to change; reformあらたまる to be reformedかい reform 改革 kai kaku - reform; reformation; innovation
経済改革 kei zai kai kaku - economic reform
改訂 kai tei - revision
あらわto show; to indicateひょう list; table; scheduleおもて the outside; surface 座席表 za seki hyou - seating chart
時間表 ji kan hyou - time table
代表 dai hyou - representative
発表 happyou - announcement
あらわす:げん actual; appear 表現 hyou gen - expression
愛の表現 ai no hyou gen - an expression of love
現金 gen kin - cash, ready money
現在 gen zai - now, present days, current
現場 gen ba - the actual spot, scene of the crime
あらわauthor; to write a bookちょいちじるしい remarkable; conspicuous 著者 cho sha - author
著しい ichijirushii - remarkable
あるざい to exist; country; suburbs 存在 son zai - existence
滞在 tai zai - stay, sojourn
あんくらdark 真っ暗 makkura - total darkness
暗闇 kura yami - darkness, the dark
暗記 an ki - memorization, to learn by heart
commit; to entrust with 委員 i in - committee member
任せる makaseru - to entrust, leave ~ to
ころも clothes garments 浴衣 yukata - a yukata; summer kimono
衣服 i fuku - clothes
かこむ:かこenclose; surround 雰囲気 fun i ki - an atmosphere
囲炉裏 irori - a fireplace, hearth
くらい rank; position; about (approximately) 一位 ichi i - first place
どの位 dono kurai - about how much; how far
位置 i chi - place, location, point
stomach i - stomach
えきやさしい:やすeasy 使い易い tsukai yasui - easy to use
分かり易い wakari yasui - easy to understand
うつto transfer, to infect, to move うつto remove; to infect 移民 i min - immigration, immigrant
移住 i juu - migrate, migration
depend on 依る yoru - depends on, to depend on
状況に依る jyou kyou ni yoru - depends on the situation
依願 i gan - a request
えらgreat, remarkable 偉い erai - great, important
偉大 i dai - greatness
ちがう:ちがえる differ; wrong 間違い ma chigai - a mistake
に違いない ~ni chigai nai - I am sure of ~
違反 i han - violation , infrigement
いかる:おこget angry 怒る okoru - get angry
怒声 do sei - a roar
いきそく breath 安息 an soku - rest, repose
ため息 tame iki - a sigh
息子 musuko - a son (irregular reading)
いき boundary 地域 chi iki - a region, area
地域時刻 chi iki ji koku - local time
いきおい:せい power 勢力 sei ryoku - influence, power, might
勢い込む ikioi komu - to go heart and soul into...
いく how many; some 幾つ ikutsu - how much?, how many?
幾多 iku ta - many, a number of
いくそだつ:そだてる to bring up; to educate; to grow 教育 kyou iku - education
生涯教育 shou gai kyou iku - education for life
体育 tai iku - P.E.; gymnastics
体育館 tai iku kan - a gym
いくさせんたたかwar 雪合戦 yuki gassen - snow ball fight
冷戦 rei sen - the Cold War
戦場 sen jyou - a battlefield
作戦 saku sen - tactics, stategy
いけ pond 電池 den chi - a battery
ike - a pond
いさむ:ゆう brave 勇気 yuu ki - bravery
勇者 yuu sha - a brave man, hero
いしせきしゃくこく stone 隕石 in seki - a meteorite
化石 ka seki - a fossil
磁石 ji shaku - magnet
宝石 hou seki - gem, jewel
石鹸 sekken - soap
一石二鳥 isseki ni chou - killing 2 birds with one stone
いずみせん spring 温泉 on sen - hot spring, onsen
泉水 sen sui - a fountain

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