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Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 4

Beginning Japanese Conversational Phrases #4: Food

Reviewed Phrases:

何か食べたいですか。 nanika tabetai desu ka. Would you like something to eat?
はい、何か食べたいです。 hai nanika tabetai desu. Yes, I’d like something to eat.

Here are a few common food names.

ハンバーガー hanba-ga- Hamburger
ピザ piza Pizza
スパゲッティー supagetti Spaghetti
パン pan Bread
カレーライス kare-raisu Curry and Rice
フライドポテト furaido poteto French Fries
お菓子 okashi Snack

ピザが食べたいです。 piza ga tabetai desu. I want to eat pizza.
スパゲッティー が食べたいです。 supagetti- ga tabetai desu. I want to eat spaghetti.
ハンバーガーが食べたいです。 hanba-ga- ga tabetai desu. I want to eat a hamburger.

それじゃまたね! sore ja mata ne - See you again!

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AliCeBoO♥'s picture


so if you want to say something like
"I like pizza."
would you say
"Pizza ga suki desu." ?
: D

Alice Bennett :)

its real amazing how someone

its real amazing how someone can learn japanese quickly

clay's picture

You got it! But "pizza"

You got it! But "pizza" should be "piza."

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