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Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 8

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Beginning Japanese Conversational Phrases #8: Likes

Today's podcast will look at how to say "I like..."

Let's practice this construction with a few new vocabulary words. You may want to jot down a few sentences for memorization or try to construct your own sentences. Feel free to stop by the forums to try out your own sentences.

The word for cat is ねこ neko. And earlier we heard "I like pizza" is ピザが好きです。 piza ga suki desu.

Can you think how to say, I like cats? Note the "I" is not necessary.

ねこ が すき です。
neko ga suki desu.

Let's say you are more of a dog person. Dog in Japanese is いぬ inu

How do you say, "I like dogs."?

いぬ が すき です。
inu ga suki desu.

With a dictionary, you can find any noun you like for this construction. Just say what you like followed by が すき です ga suki desu.

Let's finish this with a very useful sentence every student of Japanese should know.

にほんご が すき です。
nihongo ga suki desu.

This means I like Japanese.

Listen to this question and answer.

にほんご が すき です か?
Nihongo ga suki desu ka?

はい、にほんご が すき です。
Hai, Nihongo ga suki desu.

I hope that is true for you too. Next podcast will cover a few common language words.

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what does de arimasu means?
and daiski?
thank you in advance

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I like when it quizzes you.

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