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Articles for Pre-Intermediates

Articles for Pre-Intermediates of Japanese
Title Teaser
幕末 - Words About the End of the Edo Period

幕末 - End of the Edo Period Vocabulary

Long, Useless Words Long strings of kanji better expressed in katakana
和製漢字 Kanji, made in Japan Exploring a few 和製漢字, Kanji that were Created in Japan.
Murphy's Law in Japanese A few important Murphy's Law statements in Japanese
防 -proof Japanese word study 防 -proof
うるさい Fussy

Study on うるさい Fussy

Word Studies

Japanese Word Studies

折り紙つき certified to be good The etymology of 折り紙つき certified to be good
語源 J Etymology 語源 gogen - Japanese Etymology articles
New Years Day Words A few important words and customs for the Japanese New Year
A Blizzard of Snow Words Learn several useful vocabulary words relating to snow
Why study Osaka-ben?

Some reasons to study the Osaka dialect

Osaka-ben: Grammar 1- The Plain Form Copula 「や」 Osaka-ben: Grammar 1- The Plain Form Copula 「や」
Kansai Ben A little about the Kansai dialect
Japanese Dialects

Japanese Dialects

Samurai Page How to sound like a samurai (almost)
The Yubikiri Song
Sparrow's Song
Studying Japanese with the Bible

Use the Bible to improve your Japanese!

The Planets in Japanese
Japanese Lesson on how to say the planet names in Japanese.
Animal Names Vocabulary List
For beginners: Learn a few common animal names in Japanese.
Three Japanese Proverbs about Food
Three Japanese proverbs about food: Hana yori dango - Food over Flowers E ni Kaita Mochi - Can't eat a painted cake Bushi wa kuwanedo taka youji - Even if a samurai hasn't eaten he holds his toothpick high.
Sick Japanese Part II
More advanced words related to being sick in Japanese
Ame ni mo Makezu Japanese Poem
Ame ni mo Makezu Japanese poem by Miyazawa Kenji
第二章の漢字 Chapter 2 Kanji Chapter 2 Kanji
Japanese Kotowaza, Sayings, and Four Letter Words Japanese Proverbs and Sayings-a growing collection of lessons with audio and video
第一章の漢字 Chapter 1 Kanji Chapter 1 Kanji
Reversable Kanji Combinations A List of kanji that can be reversed to form a different word
敬称 Name Titles A look at the many name titles in Japanese
第十八章  鬼の襲撃 The Oni's Attack The oni attacks Yuki's wedding banquet.

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