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Articles for Pre-Intermediates

Articles for Pre-Intermediates of Japanese
Title Teaser
第十七章 家来の不満 The Retainer's Complaint One of the lord's retainers is upset.
第十六章 鬼 The Oni A bargain is made with an oni.
第十五章 大名 The Lord The lord of the neighboring country takes an interest in Yuki.
第十四章 救出 The Rescue Yuki is rescued.
第十三章 一本の毛 A Single Hair Yuki desperately tries to find a way to summon the fox.
第十二章  ゆきはどこだ? Where is Yuki? Yuki's absence gets noticed.
第十一章 忍者の襲撃 Attack of the Ninja Yuki gets abducted by ninja.
第十章 家老の調査報告 The Minister's Report The Minister delivers his report.
第四章 商人との出会い Encounter with a Merchant
As Yuki continues her journey, she meets a merchant.
第三章 狐との出会い Encounter with a Fox As Yuki continues her journey, she meets a fox.
第二章 漁師との出会い Encounter with a Fisherman As Yuki continues her journey, she meets a fisherman.
第一章 ゆきの紹介 Introducing Yuki Yuki sets out on her journey.
ゆきの物語 - Yuki's Story

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