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You Need a Proven System In Order To Learn Japanese

Some language programs are ineffective because they do not offer a proven system in order for you to learn Japanese. Japanese is a complex language because it not only incorporates sounds and syllabaries (not “alphabets” but syllabaries: hiragana and katakana), but it also involves the use of symbols (kanji). If you do not have a proven study system, you will not be able to learn Japanese as efficiently as you would like.

A good system for learning Japanese should involve learning the basics of the writing system. Hiragana and katakana are an important aspect of the Japanese language. They are the syllabaries you will need to learn in order to read Japanese. They consist of certain characters based on five different vowel sounds. Katakana uses the same sounds as hiragana but it is primarily used for foreign words.

Kanji is different monster. Unlike the syllabaries hiragana and katakana, each character also has meaning. There are thousands of kanji symbols in the Japanese language. You do not need to learn all of them to be literate, but it is probably a good idea to learn the most basic Kanji symbols early on. Believe it or not, the Japanese language (even with three writing systems) does not have as many sounds as the English language.

The two most important aspects in learning any language is keeping motivated and exposing yourself to enough of the language for it to sink in.