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Using Japanese Siri on your iPhone 4s

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If you have an iPhone 4s, play around with the Japanese Siri even if you are still a beginner. It's fun!

To turn it on
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Siri
  4. Change the language to Japanese

It may take a few minutes to download the language files, but it works remarkably well. Well, it works well for what it is intended to do.

  • As with English, speak slowly and clearly (pay special attention to the small tsu and long vowels)
  • When speaking English names from your address book, remember to read them like they are written in katakana.

Siri asks;

  • ご用件は何でしょう?
  • goyouken wa nan deshou?
  • "What do you need?"

I asked it;

  • お名前は?
  • onamae wa?
  • "What is your name?"

and it replied;

  • 名前ですか?Siriです。
  • namae desu ka? Siri desu.
  • "My name? I'm Siri."

The only problem is "Siri" with the Japanese pronunciation sounds like "shiri" which means butt. "I am Butt."

Next, I did what any man would do upon hearing her lovely voice: I asked her to marry me.

  • 結婚してください。
  • kekkon shite kudasai.
  • "Will you marry me?"

She answers;

  • まだお互いのことをほとんど知らないじゃないですか。
  • mada otagai no koto wo hotondo shiranai janai desu ka.
  • "The two of us hardly know each other."

Okay, okay, enough fun. Now for the serious stuff--the stuff Siri (or Shiri or Miss Butt) was meant to do.

I asked it;

  • 今日の予定は何ですか?
  • kyou no yotei wa nan desu ka?
  • "What is on today's schedule?"

She answered;

  • こちらの予定が見つかりました
  • kochira no yotei ga