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Title Teaser
Japanese & Western Calendars Learn what year ???? was in the Japanese calendar
Screws in Japanese A screwdriver should be such a simple instrument and yet there are two irritating types: Flathead and Phillips. (Actually there are more...) If I need a Phillips, I have a flathead screwdriver. If I need a flathead…
梅干 Umeboshi Umeboshi - the traditional Japanese food
Japanese food umeboshi
漫才 Manzai

About 漫才 Manzai - the traditional Japanese stand-up comedy form

Japanese Hairstyles

Hair styles are closely linked to Japanese Culture. When donning a kimono, spending enormous amounts of money on fixing the hair is not unheard of. In Sumo, the wrestler's hairstyle expresses his ranking. Let's take a look at some words relating to hairstyles.

Famous Japanese Personalities

Learn about a few famous Japanese from the past and present.

Japanese Valentine's Day
ホワイトデー howaito de- - White Day (revenge for the ladies)
An Ancient Pond by Basho
古池やかわず飛び込む 水の音

Furuike ya - An ancient pond
Kawazu tobikomu - A frog jumps in
Mizu no oto - The sound of water

- Matsuo Basho

Jugemu Rakugo Skit
Jugemu - a Traditional Rakugo skit butchered by Clay!
Money with a Hole in it Some thoughts about holey coins
Japanese Money About Japanese Money
Japanese Post Office All about the Japanese Post Office--Ok, not really 'All'
Japanese National Holidays When & what is the next holiday?
一乗滝&佐々木小次郎 Ichijoutaki Waterfall in Fukui 一乗滝&佐々木小次郎 Ichijoutaki Waterfall in Fukui
Tips for Foreigners Living in Japan Tips submitted by many people over the years -- no longer maintained.
Tips for Foreigners Going to Japan Tips for coming to Japan submitted by many people over the years--take it or leave it.
Kanji for Countries Most countries around the world actually have a kanji name. This lists a few.
Japanese Grammatical Terms Grammatical terms in Japanese
I, Me, You, Thou...
A list of a few dozen pronouns - some common and some... not so.
About TheJapanesePage.com A little bit about TheJapanesePage.com
Using Japanese on your Computer Information on setting up your computer for Japanese (read and write/type)

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