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Body Idioms Part I

Body Idioms

鼻が高い to be proud
顔が広い to know many people

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Gitaigo & Giongo

Sound words for expressing tiredness. More...
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Feelings and Emotions

Feelings and Emotions with audio.
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Love Words in Japanese

Love words in Japanese--Common ways of expressing one's love and other fun stuff. More...
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Karate Vocabulary: Niju Kun

Untitled Document
Karate Dojo Kun
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Volume 8: Two by Two, Here We Go!

Kotoba Zamurai
Volume 8: Counting two by two--with an Octopus! More...

目に入れても痛くない So Cute!

目に入れても痛くない Even if it pokes me in the eye, it wont hurt (it is VERY cute!) MORE...
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Hand Idioms Part II


Japanese is a language full of fun idioms. Let's explore a few Body Part Idioms using the Hand.

These two idioms are perhaps the most useful 'hand' idioms in Japanese.

手がいっぱい to have one's hands full; be up to here (with something); busy
手に入れる to obtain; get; come by...

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