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Yuki no Monogatari

Richard VanHouten's Yuki no Monogatari series

第九章 家老の調査 The Chancellor's Investigation

第九章 家老の調査

At the Prince's direction, the Chancellor starts investigating Yuki's past.
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第十九章 鬼の敗北 The Oni's Defeat

Chapter 19: The defeat of the Oni

第八章  若殿との出逢い A Rendezvous with the Prince

第八章 若殿との出逢い

Yuki gets invited to the castle to show off her skill. Now with Video!

第七章  買物 Shopping

Chapter Seven: Yuki goes shopping.

第六章  都に到着 Arrival at the City

Yuki arrives at her destination and finds a job.

第五章 助けて! Help!

As Yuki continues her journey, she encounters some ronin and needs some help.

第十八章  鬼の襲撃 The Oni's Attack

The oni attacks Yuki's wedding banquet.

第十六章 鬼 The Oni

A bargain is made with an oni.

第十五章 大名 The Lord

The lord of the neighboring country takes an interest in Yuki.
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