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Kotowaza and Sayings Audio

Lessons on particular Japanese proverbs with audio
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必要は発明の母 Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Necessity is the Mother of Invention More...

頭隠して、尻隠さず Hide Head, Don't Hide Butt

Cover your head, but Expose your Butt

以心伝心 Telepathy

以心伝心 Telepathy

豪華絢爛 magnificent; luxurious and splendid

A magnificent Yojijukugo to know! With three example sentences, video, and audio.
gou ka ken ran
Magnificent; Luxurious and Splendid

自画自賛 Singing one's own Praises

自画自賛 jiga jisan Singing one's own Praises

私利私欲 Greed

私利私欲 shiri shiyoku Greed

有頂天 Ecstasy

有頂天 uchouten Ecstasy
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