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A country's language and culture go hand in hand. Sometimes a simple 'yes' or 'no' can have many shades of meaning based on the cultural understanding of the situation. This page is dedicated to studying the culture of Japan

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Title Teaser
Momotaro - Peach Boy 桃太郎
Sparrow's Song
Japanese Traditional Songs Japanese traditional songs
Japan has many, many traditional songs. I would like to have a look at many different traditional songs, but for now let's look at a few children's songs.
Japanese & Western Calendars Learn what year ???? was in the Japanese calendar
梅干 Umeboshi Umeboshi - the traditional Japanese food
Japanese food umeboshi
漫才 Manzai

About 漫才 Manzai - the traditional Japanese stand-up comedy form

Japanese Hairstyles

Hair styles are closely linked to Japanese Culture. When donning a kimono, spending enormous amounts of money on fixing the hair is not unheard of. In Sumo, the wrestler's hairstyle expresses his ranking. Let's take a look at some words relating to hairstyles.

Famous Japanese Personalities

Learn about a few famous Japanese from the past and present.

Famous Lines in Japanese

Three famous (somewhat) phrases translated into Japanese and explained.

Oishii Delicious
One minute lesson on how to say something is delicious in Japanese
Japanese Valentine's Day
ホワイトデー howaito de- - White Day (revenge for the ladies)
Three Japanese Proverbs about Food
Three Japanese proverbs about food: Hana yori dango - Food over Flowers E ni Kaita Mochi - Can't eat a painted cake Bushi wa kuwanedo taka youji - Even if a samurai hasn't eaten he holds his toothpick high.
An Ancient Pond by Basho
古池やかわず飛び込む 水の音

Furuike ya - An ancient pond
Kawazu tobikomu - A frog jumps in
Mizu no oto - The sound of water

- Matsuo Basho

Jugemu Rakugo Skit
Jugemu - a Traditional Rakugo skit butchered by Clay!
Ame ni mo Makezu Japanese Poem
Ame ni mo Makezu Japanese poem by Miyazawa Kenji
Money with a Hole in it Some thoughts about holey coins
Japanese Money About Japanese Money
Japanese Post Office All about the Japanese Post Office--Ok, not really 'All'
Japanese National Holidays When & what is the next holiday?
Animal Sounds Vocabulary List
Today we will look at how to correctly speak to your cat -- in Japanese. Or maybe how to sound like a Japanese cat. I am not sure. I teach at 8 elementary schools and invariably this topic comes up. It is interesting how different cultures perceive animal sounds differently. More...
一乗滝&佐々木小次郎 Ichijoutaki Waterfall in Fukui 一乗滝&佐々木小次郎 Ichijoutaki Waterfall in Fukui
Tips for Foreigners Living in Japan Tips submitted by many people over the years -- no longer maintained.
Tips for Foreigners Going to Japan Tips for coming to Japan submitted by many people over the years--take it or leave it.
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