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Keigo, the Complete Mess More basic information on Japanese polite and humble language. More...
Using nara なら Using なら with example sentences
(な)のに although, but
場合 condition, in the case of...
ばかり 1) often, a lot, much, only doing... 2) about, around
はず must be, should be, supposed to
~っぱなし 1) left as is; unchanged 2) continue an action
~ほうがいい this is better than that
まま same, doesn't change
~にくい difficult to...; hard to
~やすい easy to...
~ませんか won't you..., wouldn't you like to...
または or, choice between A or B
~ながら while doing A also doing B
どうも 1) truly, really, very much 2) I'm not sure
という called, such as, that
出来る 1) can, able to, ability to, 2) finished
つもり planning on, intend to
1) while, 2) throughout
ために for..., goal, cause, sake of
だろう perhaps, maybe, I wonder
たとえば For example
~過ぎる exceeding, too much, to overdo...
ずつ little by little; dividing by; each
けれど but, however
かもしれない it's possible that.., perhaps
おかげ thanks to, because of
あとで later, After this, after
Using 的
For Upper Beginners: 1 Minute Japanese lesson on using 的 to make nouns into adjectives.
敬称 Name Titles A look at the many name titles in Japanese

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