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Everyday new Kanji! with examples
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Everyday 2 new kanji with examples!

With all 4 kyuu, 3 kyuu and 2 kyuu [1060 kanji]

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Robin Andrews kindly permitted me to add some of his excellent animated kanji tutors:

Confused about kanji? Let Thedd go through the basics with you!

Thedd will teach not only the days of the week in Japanese, but also their kanji


Please Note: These pages are temporary (until we can put up a decent kanji section) and may contain broken links. If you spot any please let us know.

4 kyuu (level)

for beginners
The first 80 kanji
Grade 4 Kanji List
Page # --> 1 2 3 4 [80 kanji]
PDF file of all level 4 kanji [212 kb]
Take a Kanji Test
for Grade 4's 80 Kanji
Set your computer to flip through the pages automatically
3 kyuu
For upper beginners
The next 165 kanji
Grade 3 Kanji list
Page # --> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [165 kanji]
PDF file of all level 3 kanji [314 kb]
Set your computer to flip through the pages automatically
2 kyuu
for intermediate students
Another 755 kanji!
Grade 2 Kanji list
Page # --> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 [755 kanji]
PDF file of all level 2 kanji [792 kb]
Set your computer to flip through the pages automatically
1 kyuu
for tensai and above
only 1036 kanji!
Grade 1 Kanji list
Page # --> 1 2 3 [will be 1036 kanji now 90]
Title Teaser
Kanji:集 to collect; gather Untitled Document

Kanji:医 to heal; cure Untitled Document

Kanji:安 1) safe; peaceful; 2) cheap; inexpensive Untitled Document

Kanji:有 to exist; to have Untitled Document

Kanji:歩 to walk; to step Untitled Document

Kanji:姉 older sister Untitled Document

Kanji:兄 older brother Untitled Document

Kanji:新 new; fresh Untitled Document

Kanji:味 taste; experience Untitled Document

Kanji:足 leg; foot; to be enough Untitled Document

Kanji:字 letter (from the alphabet); character; mark Untitled Document

Kanji:朝 morning Untitled Document

Kanji:悪 bad; evil Untitled Document

Kanji:開 open Untitled Document

Kanji:空 sky; air; empty Untitled Document

Kanji:秋 fall; autumn Untitled Document

Kanji:明 light; bright; to dawn Untitled Document

Kanji:赤 red Untitled Document

Kanji:青 blue Untitled Document

Kanji:会 to meet; meeting Untitled Document

Kanji:入 to enter; to go in; insert Untitled Document

Kanji:出 to go out; leave Untitled Document

Kanji:行 to go Untitled Document

Kanji:見 to see; to show Untitled Document

Kanji:書 book; document; to write Untitled Document

Kanji:来 to come Untitled Document

Kanji:読 to read Untitled Document

Kanji:食 food; to eat; relating to food Untitled Document

Kanji:聞 to hear; to listen; ask Untitled Document

Kanji:話 a talk; a topic; a story Untitled Document

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