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Title Teaser
Body Parts in Japanese
Body Parts in Japanese with audio and video
Japanese Kotowaza, Sayings, and Four Letter Words Japanese Proverbs and Sayings-a growing collection of lessons with audio and video
Animal Sounds Vocabulary List
Today we will look at how to correctly speak to your cat -- in Japanese. Or maybe how to sound like a Japanese cat. I am not sure. I teach at 8 elementary schools and invariably this topic comes up. It is interesting how different cultures perceive animal sounds differently. More...
Sound and Action Words Onomatopoeia in Japanese - a short list
Small, but Powerful Words A List of Small, but Powerful Words with examples and sound.
I, Me, You, Thou...
A list of a few dozen pronouns - some common and some... not so.
Beginner Japanese Greetings Video
A short video with seven super useful and common Japanese greetings. More...
Basic Japanese Greetings Learn common Japanese greetings with soundA Flash file with sound: Learn 15 very common Japanese greetings. Simply click on the word to hear it instantly spoken.

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