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Articles for Beginners of Japanese
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Kanji: 語 go Language Untitled Document

Just as the kanji is made from ki ( 木 ) so is a b

Kanji: 土 tsuchi ground Untitled Document

It's a cross in the ground.

Kanji: 金 kin Gold Untitled Document

Think of gold being buried deep within a hill.

Kanji: 木 ki tree Untitled Document

This is a tree with two low hanging branches.

Kanji: 水 mizu water Untitled Document

Squeeze a river (川) and you get water.

Kanji: 火 hi fire Untitled Document

Think of it as sparks coming from a person.

Kanji: 月 tsuki month Untitled Document

This is a sun ( 日 ) with l

Kanji: 日 hi day Untitled Document

A square sun with a line through it.

Kanji: 子 ko child Untitled Document

A little child with his arms wide and his mouth open crying for his mommy.

Kanji: 人 hito person Untitled Document

This is a person with no head or arms trying to do a split.
JLPT N5: 19 / 100 | 2 Strokes

Kanji: 男 otoko man Untitled Document

A man using power 力 in the field 田.
JLPT N5: 18 / 100 | 7 Strokes

Kanji: 女 onna woman Untitled Document

Think of a woman dancing.
JLPT N5: 17 / 100 | 3 Strokes

Kanji: 友 tomo friend Untitled Document

A picture of a friend giving another friend a hand.

Kanji: 母 haha mother Untitled Document

Think of a mother holding two babies close to her.
JLPT N5: 15 / 100 | 5 Strokes

Kanji: 父 chichi father Untitled Document

It looks like a father tying his tie.
JLPT N5: 14 / 100 | 4 Strokes

Kanji: 万 man 10,000 Untitled Document

The next in numbers. add another 0
JLPT N5: 13 / 100 | 3 Strokes

Kanji: 千 sen 1000 Untitled Document

It looks like a 10 [ 十 ] with a slanted line over it.

Kanji: 百 100 Untitled Document

Remember the line over & the number of lines inside the box - that can save some confusion later!<

Kanji: 十 juu ten Untitled Document

5 + 5 = +
JLPT N5: 10 / 100 | 2 Strokes

Kanji: 九 kyuu nine Untitled Document

Don't confuse this one with 力 chikara (power)
JLPT N5: 9 / 100 | 2 Strokes

Kanji: 八 hachi eight Untitled Document

If you have studied katakana, you will notice this looks like "ha." So HAchi = 8
JLPT N5: 8 / 100 | 2 Strokes

Kanji: 七 shichi seven Untitled Document

A diagonal line through a "L" means "7."
JLPT N5: 7 / 100 | 2 Strokes

Kanji: 六 roku six Untitled Document

A picture of a man stretching his hands and legs is the character for "6."
JLPT N5: 6 / 100 | 4 Strokes

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Kanji: 五 go five Untitled Document

This is modern art. 五is an artist’s impression of the number 5. [Well, it kind of looks like the number!]

Kanji: 四 yon four Untitled Document

Think of two little legs dangling in a FOUR sided box.
JLPT N5: 4 / 100 | 5 Strokes

Kanji: 三 san three Untitled Document

Three lines = 3
JLPT N5: 3 / 100 | 3 Strokes

Kanji: 二 ni two Untitled Document

Two lines = two, logical!; a little harder, but don’t run for the aspirin yet!)
JLPT N5: 2 / 100 | 2 Strokes

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