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Beginner Level Articles

Articles for Beginners of Japanese
Title Teaser
Frog Song
Elephant's Song
Momotaro - Peach Boy 桃太郎
Japanese Traditional Songs Japanese traditional songs
Japan has many, many traditional songs. I would like to have a look at many different traditional songs, but for now let's look at a few children's songs.
Easy to Flub up Words Easily mistaken words both for the native English speaker and native Japanese speaker.
Famous Lines in Japanese

Three famous (somewhat) phrases translated into Japanese and explained.

Using 的
For Upper Beginners: 1 Minute Japanese lesson on using 的 to make nouns into adjectives.
Oishii Delicious
One minute lesson on how to say something is delicious in Japanese
Animal Names Vocabulary List
For beginners: Learn a few common animal names in Japanese.
Atsui! Hot, Hot, Thick
1 Minute Japanese: Sometimes different kanji are used for the same pronunciation to show a shade of meaning. Today we will look at the four kanji for あつい atsui and try to clear up some confusion.
Basic Colors in Japanese
Japanese Beginner's Conversation - Say Again?
motto yukkuri hanashite kudasai
Please speak a little slower.

mou ikkai hanashite kudasai
Please say that again.

I don't understand.

Japanese Beginner's Conversation - Feelings with a 'shii'
Japanese Beginner's Conversation - Feelings with a 'shii'
Four very common beginner level Japanese words to describe feelings.
How to Tell Time in Japanese
How to tell time in Japanese
Directions in Japanese
Basic directions in Japanese with audio and video
Body Parts in Japanese
Body Parts in Japanese with audio and video
Japanese Kotowaza, Sayings, and Four Letter Words Japanese Proverbs and Sayings-a growing collection of lessons with audio and video
Type Romaji to see Hiragana Type in romaji and out comes hiragana
Kana Sounds An MP3 file with all the sounds in hiragana. Learning correctly the sounds of Japanese early on will help train your ears and improve pronunciation.
Animal Sounds Vocabulary List
Today we will look at how to correctly speak to your cat -- in Japanese. Or maybe how to sound like a Japanese cat. I am not sure. I teach at 8 elementary schools and invariably this topic comes up. It is interesting how different cultures perceive animal sounds differently. More...
The Many Mushis Words that have the pronunciation of mushi.
Kanji Study Archive Untitled Document

KANJI—an Introduction

Small Words in Japanese Small, useful words in Japanese
Sound and Action Words Onomatopoeia in Japanese - a short list
Making -ing How to make the -ing form
Particles and Conjunctions More Japanese particles with examples
Small, but Powerful Words A List of Small, but Powerful Words with examples and sound.
Pronunciation of the R's How to pronounce the R sounds
Verb Forms Verb forms in Japanese
Verb Groups, an Intro A look at the various Verb Groups in Japanese

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