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Articles for Beginners of Japanese
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Beginner Japanese Greetings Video
A short video with seven super useful and common Japanese greetings. More...
Study Tips Part I by Kinch

Study Tips Part I by Kinch

Study Tips Part II by Kinch

Study Tips Part II by Kinch

15 Minute Japanese
A quick overview of the Japanese language, a smattering of Japanese grammar, and twenty or so very useful words and phrases. More...
Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 1
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Phrases covered:
何か食べたいです。 nanika tabetai desu. I’d like something to eat.
何か飲みたいです。 nanika nomitai desu. I’d like something to drink.
Basic Beginning Japanese Phrases Basic Beginning Japanese Phrases with sound.
New to Japanese Advice Some basic advice for beginners just starting out with Japanese
New to Japanese Image
Basic Japanese Greetings Learn common Japanese greetings with soundA Flash file with sound: Learn 15 very common Japanese greetings. Simply click on the word to hear it instantly spoken.

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