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Upper Beginners

Articles for Upper Beginners of Japanese
Title Teaser
江戸っ子 Born and Raised in Tokyo
(Edos child - born and raised in Tokyo)
かわず Frog

(old word for かえる kaeru- Frog)
瞬間 a Moment
moment, an instant
犬掻きで泳ぐ dog paddling, swim like a dog
dog paddling, swim like a dog
天敵 Natural Enemy
natural enemy
理想的 ideal

強敵 Formidable Enemy

Formidable Enemy
弁解 Excuse

一目惚 Love at first sight 一目惚 Love at first sight
未確認飛行物体 Unidentified Flying Object

Unidentified Flying Object
Volume 5: The Great いらず Collection Today we will look at a few set or idiomatic phrases using いらず don't need.
Volume 3: Letters to Kotoba Zamurai's Little Brother The Defender of what is right, the corrector of already correct Japanese, That's right, it's "Letters to Kotoba Zamurai's little brother" time!
Volume 2: Useless Questions for Today In This Day and Age, Totally Useless Questions
Here are a few questions that once stirred the heart of every Japanese, but today are no longer in debate...

The Kotoba Zamurai Archives
"Kotoba zamurai" articles are written to be "a non-systematic approach to learning unusual, but useful words." While these not-so-serious articles are written with the upper-beginner to intermediate in mind, even beginners should be able to get something out of them. If not, I may have wasted 15 minutes of your life... I will leave it up to you to take the chance.

(な)のに although, but
場合 condition, in the case of...
ばかり 1) often, a lot, much, only doing... 2) about, around
はず must be, should be, supposed to
~っぱなし 1) left as is; unchanged 2) continue an action
~ほうがいい this is better than that
まま same, doesn't change
~にくい difficult to...; hard to
~やすい easy to...
~ませんか won't you..., wouldn't you like to...
または or, choice between A or B
~ながら while doing A also doing B
どうも 1) truly, really, very much 2) I'm not sure
という called, such as, that
出来る 1) can, able to, ability to, 2) finished
つもり planning on, intend to

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