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Upper Beginners

Articles for Upper Beginners of Japanese
Title Teaser
Elephant's Song
Momotaro - Peach Boy 桃太郎
Sparrow's Song
Japanese Traditional Songs Japanese traditional songs
Japan has many, many traditional songs. I would like to have a look at many different traditional songs, but for now let's look at a few children's songs.
Easy to Flub up Words Easily mistaken words both for the native English speaker and native Japanese speaker.
Famous Lines in Japanese

Three famous (somewhat) phrases translated into Japanese and explained.

Studying Japanese with the Bible

Use the Bible to improve your Japanese!

The Planets in Japanese
Japanese Lesson on how to say the planet names in Japanese.
Using 的
For Upper Beginners: 1 Minute Japanese lesson on using 的 to make nouns into adjectives.
Animal Names Vocabulary List
For beginners: Learn a few common animal names in Japanese.
Atsui! Hot, Hot, Thick
1 Minute Japanese: Sometimes different kanji are used for the same pronunciation to show a shade of meaning. Today we will look at the four kanji for あつい atsui and try to clear up some confusion.
Three Japanese Proverbs about Food
Three Japanese proverbs about food: Hana yori dango - Food over Flowers E ni Kaita Mochi - Can't eat a painted cake Bushi wa kuwanedo taka youji - Even if a samurai hasn't eaten he holds his toothpick high.
How to Tell Time in Japanese
How to tell time in Japanese
Sick Japanese Part II
More advanced words related to being sick in Japanese
Body Parts in Japanese
Body Parts in Japanese with audio and video
Japanese Kotowaza, Sayings, and Four Letter Words Japanese Proverbs and Sayings-a growing collection of lessons with audio and video
Reversable Kanji Combinations A List of kanji that can be reversed to form a different word
The Many Mushis Words that have the pronunciation of mushi.
Cats & Bears A look at kanji that look like bears and cats
Kanji Study Archive Untitled Document

KANJI—an Introduction

敬称 Name Titles A look at the many name titles in Japanese
Introduction to Keigo, Polite Language An Introduction to Keigo, polite language
Toki, Tara, and To - When to say When When to say When - Using Toki, Tara, and To
Particles and Conjunctions More Japanese particles with examples
Small, but Powerful Words A List of Small, but Powerful Words with examples and sound.
Fast Track: 100 Grammar Points

Watered-down, understandable, bite-sized grammar lessons. Perhaps by knowing these basic Japanese grammar points, you will be able to communicate in Japanese limited only by vocabulary and guts! Of course this list is a simplified grammar, and is meant to be only an introduction to the grammar points presented.

Grammar Power Words from JLPT N4

Grammatical Patterns for the JLPT 3 kyuu Test

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