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Proud of myself Hatori04 years 43 weeks ago
Sef-introduction jhunrrie04 years 43 weeks ago
I am totally worried and desperate to learn japanese language. S.O.S katrinatabuchi34 years 43 weeks ago
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USJ jhunrrie2704 years 43 weeks ago
My first Japanese Dream isa celina14 years 44 weeks ago
曜日 Notes! 「ようび」 Days of the week caladwenaeariel04 years 44 weeks ago
4月。 sato14 years 44 weeks ago
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Getting Started.... Again! Helter Skelter24 years 45 weeks ago
pass my jlpt n5 =) lizahamid74 years 45 weeks ago
Book pageThe best, -est いちばん Oni24 years 45 weeks ago
Another Hiragana Song isa celina04 years 45 weeks ago
日本語の漢字の音読みと、広東語の発音 amochan04 years 45 weeks ago
First Hiragana Class isa celina04 years 46 weeks ago
How I decided to study Japanese isa celina04 years 46 weeks ago
はじめまして amochan04 years 46 weeks ago
二月二十八日 Dustin44 years 46 weeks ago
プール Dustin24 years 46 weeks ago
earthquake in CHC, NZ sato24 years 46 weeks ago
こんばんは taiyouka04 years 46 weeks ago
月曜日 taiyouka04 years 47 weeks ago
週末 taiyouka24 years 47 weeks ago
A little bit extra... Forgetmaenot04 years 47 weeks ago

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