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Book pageUsing the Phone in Japanese clay23 years 27 weeks ago
Getting to Japan zanion03 years 28 weeks ago
I am a Newbie. That Doesn't Mean I Automatically am Socially Destroyed. UnmeiWasurete23 years 29 weeks ago
自販機天国2 kt_anthrax03 years 29 weeks ago
the difference between hiragami and katakani hartstaken13 years 29 weeks ago
発酵は偉大なり kt_anthrax03 years 29 weeks ago
本屋が好き takahashi13 years 29 weeks ago
日本語でおkっていわれるなんて・・・ takahashi43 years 29 weeks ago
UsernameとHEAVY METALと kt_anthrax03 years 29 weeks ago
日本文学 青空文庫の紹介 kt_anthrax03 years 30 weeks ago
StoryCountry Names, Languages, and People clay43 years 30 weeks ago
yoku wakaranai naw www takahashi23 years 30 weeks ago
日本(?)のジョーク kt_anthrax03 years 31 weeks ago
今日は Zehydra13 years 31 weeks ago
My new word for the day and first post. Forgetmaenot23 years 31 weeks ago
JLPT N5 - done lizahamid43 years 31 weeks ago
自販機天国 kt_anthrax23 years 31 weeks ago
ガンダム静岡に立つ! kt_anthrax23 years 32 weeks ago
ありがとうございます! Thanks so much TJP.com! APTX_486913 years 32 weeks ago
日本ではすべての物が高い? kt_anthrax03 years 32 weeks ago
リトアニア taiyouka23 years 32 weeks ago
Being new... =O YoushouNoKioku13 years 32 weeks ago
taiyoukaのブログをパクった。 kt_anthrax03 years 32 weeks ago
i got hit by a truck!!!! genesiscast13 years 32 weeks ago
火鉢で暖をとる kt_anthrax03 years 32 weeks ago

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