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Articles for Upper Beginners

Articles for Upper Beginners of Japanese
Title Teaser
1) while, 2) throughout
ために for..., goal, cause, sake of
だろう perhaps, maybe, I wonder
ください please, please give me...
たとえば For example
~過ぎる exceeding, too much, to overdo...
ずつ little by little; dividing by; each
けれど but, however
かもしれない it's possible that.., perhaps
おかげ thanks to, because of
あとで later, After this, after
Long, Useless Words Long strings of kanji better expressed in katakana
Vocabulary at the Post Office A few common vocabulary words at the post office with sound
Murphy's Law in Japanese A few important Murphy's Law statements in Japanese
防 -proof Japanese word study 防 -proof
うるさい Fussy

Study on うるさい Fussy

Word Studies

Japanese Word Studies

語源 J Etymology 語源 gogen - Japanese Etymology articles
Jagariko Lesson: Can't eat enough as a Giraffe Learn Japanese through Snacking--Clay's favorite Japanese snack, Jagariko
New Years Day Words A few important words and customs for the Japanese New Year
The Top Ten Reasons Why You Were Late For The Meeting Some very good excuses for the modern slacker.
A Blizzard of Snow Words Learn several useful vocabulary words relating to snow
Why study Osaka-ben?

Some reasons to study the Osaka dialect

Osaka-ben: Grammar 1- The Plain Form Copula 「や」 Osaka-ben: Grammar 1- The Plain Form Copula 「や」
Kansai Ben A little about the Kansai dialect
Japanese Dialects

Japanese Dialects

Samurai Page How to sound like a samurai (almost)
The Various Degrees of Politeness A short example of the various levels of politeness
The Yubikiri Song
Frog Song

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