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折り紙つき certified to be good

言葉の語源 kotoba no gogen - The origin of words:

折り紙つき origami tsuki

There is a popular NHK Word game show which showcases the etymology of a word each week. I wanted to start a section on the origins of some words (言葉の語源 kotoba no gogen ) and thought I'd start with today's word:

Meaning: something very nice; certified to be good

Example: このレストランのピザは、折り紙つきのおいしさです。
kono resutoran no piza wa, origami tsuki no oishisa desu.
this-restaurant-'s-pizza-as for-guarantee-'s-tastiness-is.
I guarantee you'll love the pizza in this restaurant.

Origin: It actually has nothing to do with origami. This ' origami <