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Useful Around the House Words

Vocabulary Builder: Useful Around the House Words

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Furniture and Such

Chair いす
Bed ベッド
Futon ふとん
Pillow まくら
Blanket もうふ
Chest たんす
Bookshelf ほんだな
Table テーブル
Window まど
Piano ピアノ
Air Conditioner エアコン


TV テレビ
Remote Control リモコン
Computer コンピュータ
Radio ラジオ
Light でんき

Rooms and Parts of House

Door ドア
Living Room いま
Hallway ろうか
Bedroom しんしつ
Bathroom トイレ
Kitchen だいどころ
Roof やね
Entrance げんかん
Japanese Style Room ざしき

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how do u say "my house has a small bathroom'?

chikara's picture


Have you tried to translate it for yourself? :)


お手洗い = bathroom, which may contain a toilet
トイレ = toilet

Good luck with your homework. :p

Don't complain to me that people kick you when you're down. It's your own fault for lying there

need some time to memorize..

need some time to memorize..

clay's picture

Keep at it!

Keep at it!

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