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List of い-Adjectives Part 2

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A list of common beginner level -i adjective vocabulary words grouped by the categories with mouseover readings.


    新しい new
    古い old (inanimate only)
    若い young


    軽い light, trifling
    重い heavy, severe, grave
    難しい hard, difficult
    優しい kind, simple, easy


    遅い late, slow
    早い early
    速い fast, quick


    面白い interesting
    楽しい pleasant
    薄い thin, weak
    辛い hot (taste), salty
    甘い sweet
    欲しい want, desire
    不味い unappetizing, poor
    美味しい delicious, tasty


    明るい bright
    危ない dangerous, risky
    痛い painful, sore
    煩い noisy
    可愛い cute, sweet, charming
    汚い dirty (as in dusty or muddy)
    暗い dark, dim, gloomy
    強い strong, powerful
    弱い weak, frail
    悪い bad, evil, inferior

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Please thank Daisuke for submitting this list originally. I hope to expand on his good work. -Oni

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There is a na-adjective in this list. I figured I'd mention it.
嫌い is the word I speak of hopefully you can fix it. :)

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Got it!

Got it!

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Couple words I want to know

How do you say dry and wet?

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乾いた & ぬれた

乾く 【かわく】 (v5k,vi) to get dry; (P)
濡れる 【ぬれる】 (v1,vi) to get wet; (P)

Also, I think this is a rather good sentence.

そのぬれたシャツはすぐに乾くだろう。 The wet shirt will soon dry up.