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一石二鳥 Killing two Birds with one Stone

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Japanese proverbs



Kill Two Birds with One Stone

いっ せき に ちょう isseki ni chou
One stone; two birds
English Equivalent
Killing two birds with one stone.

This is one of the few proverbs that is almost exactly the same as a famous English proverb.

一石 isseki - One stone [The ichi adds a small っ; another common pronunciation for stone is ishi]
二鳥 ni chou - Two birds [an on reading for bird is chou]

Example Sentence

enka o kiku to, nihon no bunka ni furenagara nihongo no benkyou ga dekiru node, isseki nichou.
Listening to enka, I learn about Japanese culture and I am able to study Japanese at the same time. I kill two birds with one stone.


Vocabulary image

演歌 enka - traditional Japanese popular music style
聞くと kiku to - when listening...
日本の文化 nihon no bunka - Japanese culture
触れながら furenagara - while experiencing; ながら means 'while'
日本語 nihongo - Japanese language
勉強 benkyou - study
日本語の勉強 nihongo no benkyou - studying Japanese
できる dekiru - can; able
ので node - therefore
da - plain form of です; copula

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even though....

even though it's just a sentence,you shouldn't kill 2 birds with a stone.its not cool!!!

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