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猿も木から落ちる Even Monkeys Fall from Trees

Japanese proverbs



Even Monkeys fall from Trees

さるも き から おちる saru mo ki kara ochiru
Even monkeys fall from trees.
English Equivalent
Everyone makes mistakes.

One of the most famous Japanese proverbs out there!

猿も saru mo - Even a Monkey
木から ki kara - from a tree
落ちる ochiru - to fall

The example sentence (not to be taken too seriously), is more for intermediates:

Example Sentence

猿も木から落ちるというけど、あんなに賢い国語の先生が、「一」という字を間違えたな んて信じられない。
saru mo ki kara ochiru to iu kedo, anna ni kashikoi kokugo no sensei ga, ichi to iu ji o machigaeta nante shijirarenai
As they say, "Even monkeys fall from trees," but for such a brilliant Japanese teacher to mess up such a character is hard to believe.


Vocabulary image

猿も saru mo - Even a Monkey
木から ki kara - from a tree
落ちる ochiru - to fall
という to iu - is like a quotation marker
けど kedo - but
あんなに annani- for such a
賢い kashikoi - wise; bright; clever
国語の先生 kokugo no sensei - teacher of Japanese
ichi - one; indisputably the easiest of all kanji
という to iu - is like a quotation marker
ji - character; here meaning Chinese characters
間違えた machigaeta - made a mistake
なんて nante - such as but with a negative emphasis
信じられない shinjirarenai - I can't believe it

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RayMasaki's picture


国語 kokugo?
why wasnt "nihongo" used? if it meens Japanese Language.
or is this just used for "teachers of Japanese" ive never seen this
word used before " kokugo"

two_heads_talking's picture

kokugo actually means

kokugo actually means National Language. In the case of Japan, Japanese is the national language. Simple as that...

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