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頭隠して、尻隠さず Hide Head, Don't Hide Butt

Japanese proverbs



Cover your head, but Expose your Butt

atama kakushite, shiri kakusazu
Hide head, don't hide butt
English Equivalent
Hiding your head in the sand (like an Ostrich)
[Not a very similar meaning, but both are used for ridicule when someone does something foolish]

隠して kakushite hiding
The て form of 隠す kakusu to hide; conceal

隠さず kakusazu not hide
The ず is a negative ending


Example Sentence

shinnosuke wa, kakurenbou suru toki, itsumo oshiri ga mieteiru. masa ni, atama kakushite shiri kakusazu da..
Shinnosuke when playing hide-and-go-seek, always (hides somewhere that) exposes his backend. Truly, this is hiding his head but not his butt.


Vocabulary image

しんのすけ shinnosuke—a boy's name
かくれんぼう kakurenbou—hide-and-go-seek (children's game)
するとき suru toki—when doing...
いつも itsumo—always
おしり oshiri—butt; backend
見えている miete iru—able to be seen
まさに masa ni—surely; certainly; truly

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