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塵も積もれば Even Dust when Piled...

Japanese proverbs



Even Dust, When Piled up, Will Become a Mountain. 


ちりもつもれば、やまとなる chiri mo tsumoreba, yama to naru
Even dust when pile up, becomes a mountain.
English Equivalent
Many a little makes a mickle.
[mickle (noun) a large amount]

塵も chiri mo Dust too
The も (also, too) is better expressed as 'even' in English

積もれば tsumoreba If piled up
Conditional (-eba) form of 積もる tsumoru accumulate; pile up


Example Sentence

mainichi, eitango o hitotsu zutsu oboeyou. chiri mo tsumoreba, yama to naru to iu kara ne.
Learn one English word each day. As they say, even dust when piled up becomes a mountain.


Vocabulary image

毎日 mainichi—every day
英単語 eitango—English word
o—direct object marker
ひとつずつ hitotsu zutsu—one by one
おぼえよう oboeyou—Volitional form of 覚える oboeru meaning "Let's learn"; memorize, learn
というからね to iu kara ne—'As they say'

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