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口は災いのもと The Mouth is the Origin of Disasters

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Japanese proverbs



(or 口は禍のもと)
The mouth is the origin of disasters

くち は わざわい の もと kuchi wa wazawai no moto
The mouth is the origin of disasters.
English Equivalent
The mouth is the gate of misfortune.

A quick Google search seems to give 災い a lead over 禍, but it appears both are in usage with this proverb.

Example Sentence

kuchi wa wazawai no moto dakara uwasa banashi wa yameta hou ga ii.
The mouth is the origin of disasters, therefore you should stop gossiping.


Vocabulary image

kuchi - mouth
wa - (topic particle)
wazawai - calamity; disaster; catastrophe
だから dakara - so; therefore
噂話 uwasa banashi - gossip (噂 uwasa rumor; hearsay + 話 hanashi talk; story - the 'h' takes a harder 'b')
やめたほうがいい yameta hou ga ii - should (ought to) stop

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