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Love in Japanese

Every language has its share of love related words.  Japanese is no exception.  Today, let's look at a few (clean) love words!  This is for the romantic samurai within us all...


PART 1. The kiss words
PART 2. The other words
PART 3. The love words

MOOD SETTING: Imagine a young samurai proposing to his kunoichi (female ninja) girlfriend and then setting out on a lonesome road to gain honor and riches for their future life together...


1) キス kisu - That's right.  Its from English! (pronounced key-sue)

USAGE: 最後のキス
sai go no kisu
the last kiss

2) ちゅう chuu - This is the standard Japanese for 'kiss'

USAGE: ちゅう して下さい。 chuu shite kudasai.
'Please give me a kiss.'

3) 口付け kuchi zuke - (lit. mouth + attach)

4) 接吻 seppun - an old-fashion romantic word, but still used

USAGE: ゴジラは接吻しようとキティちゃんに近づいたが、逃げられた。
gojira wa seppun shiyou to kiti chan ni chikazuita ga, nigerareta.
Godzilla thought to kiss Hello Kitty and approached her, but she ran away.


5) 一目惚れ hito me bore - 'love at first sight'      

6) ラブレター rabu reta- - Love letter      

USAGE: ラブレターか 果たし状か?
rabu reta- ka, hatashi jou ka?
'Is this a love letter, or a letter of challenge (to battle)?'


7) 愛 ai - 'Love'

USAGE: 愛しているから
ai shite iru kara
'Because I love you!'    

RELATED WORDS: 愛妻 ai sai (beloved wife - a wife that loves and cares for her husband); 愛妻弁当 aisai bentou - a Bento (lunch box) prepared by one's loving wife)

8) 恋 koi - 'Love'      

恋人 koi bito (KOI + (B)HITO person) a lover, boyfriend or girlfriend
恋しい koishii (to miss (something or someone), to yearn for)

9) 好き suki - 'to like' (this is usually pronounced as 'ski' but sometimes the 'U' is pronounced)

USAGE: あなたが好き。
anata ga suki
'I like you.' - simple but effective

10) ラブラブ rabu rabu - 'Love Love' (When said this sounds like 'rub rub' but it means two people are in love.)

11) 愛の表現 ai n