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List of な-Adjectives

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A list of common beginner level -na adjectives with mouseover readings.
    元気 healthy, feeling fine
    好き like
    有名 famous
    静か silent, quiet
    綺麗 beautiful, clean, tidy
    同じ the same, alike
    色々 various, several
    結構 quite, fairly, well, good, fine
    上手 skill, proficiency
    丈夫 healthy, strong
    大切 important
    大丈夫 safe, all right, OK
    大好き like (alot), love
    賑やか busy, bustling
    下手 unskilled
    便利 convenience, convenient
    立派 fine, handsome, splendid
    大変 very, greatly, serious, hard
    真直ぐ straight, direct, upright


    その好きです。 I like this book.

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Please thank Daisuke for submitting this list originally. -Oni

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i know shizuka-na some others

i know shizuka-na
some others But is it also used with
free time? & straight?
its odd using na with them

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