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うるさい Fussy

Let's take a look at using うるさい urusai to mean 'fussy' or 'choosy.'

うるさい's usage isn't limited to 'loud' as in the level of volume only, but it is also used to mean 'shut up!' and as today's post shows, 'to be fussy about something.'

Notice the pattern is usually:
(what is being fussed about) + に + うるさい

fukusou ni urusai
to be fussy about one's clothes

kare wa ko-hi- ni wa urusai desu.
He is very particular about his coffee.

This can really be about anything. You can be fussy about your sake, food, manners, fashion, bottled water and so on.

And from the Genius J-E (on a Canon V300):
kare wa keikaku ni mottomo urusaku igi o tonaeta
He was the loudest against the plan.

And I hear this from Yumi a lot:

ichiichi urusai naa
Stop nagging me!
(Said when someone nags you about doing something or when someone goes into great detail about a minute matter when it isn't necessary.)

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