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Cultural Literacy: Pop culture: 皆で渡れば怖くない --- (赤信号)皆で渡れば怖くない
(あかしんごう)みんなで わたれば こわくない
If everyone crosses the street at a red light, it isn't scary.

This was a gag line for the manzai duo ツービート.

If everyone does something (even if they aren't supposed to), it's ok.

Examples found on the internet: 皆でコスれば怖くない?! [1] If everyone does Cosplay, there isn't anything to fear.

みんなで太れば怖くない If everyone gets fat, it isn't bad.

合唱は皆で歌えば怖くない [2] If everyone sings in a chorus, it isn't scary.

ツービート was made up of: ビートたけし (Real Name: 北野武 きたの たけし) ビートきよし(Real Name: 兼子二郎 かねこ じろう

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