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The more you study eagerly, the more questions arise. A lot of learners have questions which have similarities. That said, let's take a look at the questions of Tanuki-san, as an eager learner. A trajectory of his study emerges.
Some of the questions have already been asked on TJP threads before Tanuki-san contributed, some of them may be questions which other learners might ask on the forum in the future.


Numbers… (Date: 26/09/05)
Keyword(s): Arabic numbers, kanji
Synopsis: I asked when should Arabic numbers be used and when kanji.
reference: 15 Versus 十五


Japanese names(Date: 29/09/05)
Keyword(s): Japanese names, kanji
Synopsis: I asked how Japanese people deal with their kanji-names.

particle が ( Date: 12/10/05)
Keyword(s): potential verbs, が/を
Synopsis: I asked why was が used instead of を in a phrase with a potential verb.
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