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A learner's progressing questions

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The more you study eagerly, the more questions arise. A lot of learners have questions which have similarities. That said, let's take a look at the questions of Tanuki-san, as an eager learner.
Some of which have already been asked on TJP threads before Tanuki-san contributed, some of them may be questions which other learners might ask on the forum in the future.


Numbers… (Date: 26/09/05)
Keyword(s): Arabic numbers, kanji
Synopsis: I asked when should Arabic numbers be used and when kanji.
reference: 15 Versus 十五


Japanese names(Date: 29/09/05)
Keyword(s): Japanese names, kanji
Synopsis: I asked how Japanese people deal with their kanji-names.

particle が ( Date: 12/10/05)
Keyword(s): potential verbs, が/を
Synopsis: I asked why was が used instead of を in a phrase with a potential verb.
Related thread

勉強 (Date: 18/11/05)
Keyword(s): 日本語の勉強,の/を
Synopsis: I asked the difference between ~を勉強します and ~の勉強をします.

分 and 通 - Meaning (Date: 16/12/05)
Keyword(s): 分 and 通, counter :-P
Synopsis: I was confused with the meanings of 分 and 通. I don’t think it’s that useful, but who knows…

Formal -> Informal (Date: 16/01/06)
Keyword(s): Informal Japanese
Synopsis: I was confused on how to write informal Japanese. Go figure.


Virtually polite? (Date: 30/01/06)
Keyword(s): penpal, politeness
Synopsis: I was wondering how polite I should be to a Japanese penpal.

Origin of “Japan” (Date: 15/02/06)
Keyword(s): Nihon, 日本, Chinese, Cantonese
Synopsis: I was wondering why Japan is called “Japan” in English and not “Nihon” or something.

Comparative(Date: 04/03/05)
Keyword(s): comparative in Japanese
Synopsis: I asked how to form the comparative in Japanese.

potential form question (Date: 06/03/06)
Keyword(s): できる, ~ことができる
Synopsis: I was trying to understand the potential form. I’m actually quite proud of this thread hehe.

Polite speech and education(Date: 08/03/06)
Keyword(s): polite speech, well-educated, civilized
Synopsis: I wondered if there are people who speak in polite speech all the time.

Osaka accent (Date: 05/03/06)
Keyword(s): Osaka accent
Synopsis: I was wondering what was special about Ôsaka-ben.

Counter for kanji (Date: 11/03/06)
Keyword(s): counter for kanji, 字
Synopsis: I was wondering how should kanji be counted.

Yokatta? ( Date: 11/03/06)
Keyword(s): “stating what you see”
Synopsis: I wondered why “yokatta!” was in the past form. I found keat-san’s post here enlightening, I think that should be included in the WagaWiki somewhere (this “stating what you see” thought).

should (Date: 25/03/06)
Keyword(s): should
Synopsis: I didn’t know how to say someone “should” do something.

Mixing polite and plain…politely (Date: 14/04/06)
Keyword(s): talking to yourself
Synopsis: I was wondering to what extent could I use plain speech without being rude.

Women using 僕 (Date: 02/05/06)
Keyword(s): 僕, Ayumi Hamasaki, songs, lyrics, gender change operation ;-)
Synopsis: Are women who use 僕 tomboyish or what?

くちゃは? (Date: 16/05/06)
Keyword(s): くては、くちゃ、ダメ
Synopsis: I was a tad bit confused about this contraction.

Just confused (Date: 26/05/06)
Keyword(s): だけ、しか、ばかり
Synopsis: I was confused with these ways to say “just” or “only”. Again, keat-san’s post was enlightening. (Everytime I have doubts about this, I remember his girlfriend-example haha).

sentence final かな(か+な)(Date: 23/05/06)
Keyword(s): かな Synopsis: Tsk, I remember this thread very well, it gave me a few headaches. I must re-read it.

そう(Date: 04/06/06)
Keyword(s): そう, seems like, likely outcome
Synopsis: I was wondered about one use of the multi-purpose そう.

I hope you can help me (Date: 04/06/06)
Keyword(s): ように
Synopsis: I wondered how to say “I hope…”.

Katakana - impolite?(Date: 09/07/06)
Keyword(s): katakana, emphasis
Synopsis: Is katakana impolite? Apparently, it isn’t.

Short しまう question (Date: 09/07/06)
Keyword(s): しまう
Synopsis: “Popping the しまう back out” when nothing had happened was one of the hardest things I had to learn. Really. I wish I’d read that しまう can’t be used in those cases before!

なさい - 2 questions (Date: 09/07/06)
Keyword(s): なさい
Synopsis: Learning more about なさい.

ここでじゃありません? (Date: 13/07/06)
Keyword(s): でではありません、でじゃありません
Synopsis: Just thinking about this thread makes me angry! Probably my least favorite thread ever.

Adding 達 to show plural? (Date: 24/07/06)
Keyword(s): 達、等、々
Synopsis: Questions about some funky plurals.

帰国子女 (Date: 01/08/06)
Keyword(s): 帰国子女
Synopsis: 帰国子女 :-P

ほんと? (Date: 10/08/06)
Keyword(s): ほんと、ほんとう、本当
Synopsis: Is ほんと a typo or what?

つとめる (Date: 03/10/06)

plain in the middle, polite in the end (Date 04/12/06)
Keyword: polite、来なかったので、来ませんでしたので、 ので、から

くれる or あげる between in-group members (Date 07/12/06)
Keyword(s):あげる くれる 授受動詞、やりもらい動詞

girls and boys - umbrella terms (Date 21/12/16)
Keyword(s): 女性、女の子、姉さん

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