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There's a thread on the main TJP site: Change Brings Life where we've been working on translating from Chinese to Japanese and English.

The Essay



大自然は 謎に満ち満ちていますが、その謎に迫るには鋭い観察眼が必要とされます。

Nature is full of hidden mysteries, but a good pair of eyes are needed to discover them.


少し不格好な毛虫(イモムシ)を美しいチョウへと変化させることのできる創造者(天)の力に、私たちは驚嘆せずにはいられません。 果たして私たちは、チョウが変化の過程で直面する脅威について、じっくりと考えたことがあるでしょうか??

A change from a slightly ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly makes people marvel at the power of creator. Have we ever thought of the threats that a butterfly has to face during its life cycle?


美麗的蛻變 - 蝴蝶成長的過程

美しい変形 - チョウの成長過程

A beautiful transformation - The Life Cycle of a Butterfly



The life cycle of a butterfly undergoes 4 stages : Egg; Larva (caterpillar); Pupa; Butterfly



Butterflies begin life as eggs. It takes about two to three weeks for the egg to hatch into a larva or caterpillar.



幼虫は葉っぱを大量に食べることで栄養を吸収します。幼虫は自らの成長に合わせて何度か脱皮を重ね、やがてサナギへと姿を変えていきます。 この過程は、だいたい1~2ヶ月を要します。

The caterpillar gains nourishment by eating a large quantity of green plants matter. During its growth, it would shed its skin several times. Then it weaves a chrysalis and becomes a pupa. This stage usually takes one to two months.


許多變化都在蛹時期發生。翼,腿和其餘的部分都在蝶蛹裡面形成。 繭變得越來越透明。毛蟲大約在兩個星期內完成神奇的蛻變,變成一隻美麗的蝴蝶。

サナギの時期には 多くの変化が起こります。ハネやアシ, 残りの[チョウの]部位もサナギの中で形づくられます。サナギはますます透明になります。幼虫は約2週間で、美しいチョウへと奇跡的な変身を遂げます。

Many changes happen during the chrysalis stage. The wings, the legs and the rest of the butterfly are formed inside the chrysalis. The pupa becomes increasingly transparent. The caterpillar completes the miraculous transformation into a beautiful butterfly in about two weeks.




After the normal period as a chrysalis has passed, the butterfly will struggle out from the chrysalis. When it has completely separated from the chrysalis, it will eject the liquid from its end of its abdomen. This liquid is the waste accumulated during its chrysalis stage.




It expands its wings to its full extent and forces blood into them. After the wings have dried out and hardened, it flies away in search of a partner to extend the cycle of life.


蛹是蝴蝶在羽化之前的最後階段。蝴蝶是非常脆弱的生物,尤其是在蛹的時期,因為它的活動能力受到很大限制。蝴蝶會受到天敵 (如鳥類、蜻蜓、蜘蛛、蜥蜴、壁虎、鼠類或其他動物) 的威脅。蝶翅膀上的鱗片脫落得越厲害,壽命就會越短。所以頑皮地捕捉蝴蝶的小孩,其實是在縮短它的壽命。蝴蝶在蛹的時期因為不能避開它的天敵,所以會充分地利用保護色來自衛。


Pupa is the last stage before it emerges as an adult butterfly. Butterfly is a very fragile creature especially during the pupa stage, as its movement in the chrysalis is very restricted. It faces fatal attacks from its predators like birds, dragonflies, spiders, iguanas, lizards, mice and other animals. The more scales fall from its wings, the more its life will be shortened. So, children mischievously catching butterfly are shortening its life indeed. As the pupa is unable to avoid any potential predators, it tends to be quite well camouflaged.


一隻新生, 漂亮的蝴蝶正在為世界增添美麗。當然,它必需勇敢地面對惡劣的天氣, 不穩定的環境, 及經常警惕其天敵。


A freshly emerged, beautiful butterfly is now creating new beauty in the world. Of course, it will have to brave the poor weather, the unsettled environmental conditions, and always be watch out of its predators.


思考: 有一個人看見了一隻蝴蝶在掙扎,好心去拿了一把剪刀幫它將蛹殼剪破,好讓這隻蝴蝶能早點飛出來。哪知這隻蝴蝶拍了幾下翅膀,竟掉落在地上爬行,卻飛不起來了,不久就被鳥兒吃掉了....

考する: ある人は、チョウがサナギから出るためにもがいているのを見ました。その人は、はさみでサナギを切り開き、チョウができるだけ早く飛べるように助けようとしました。けれども予想に反してチョウはハネを数回しか動かさず、地に落ちて這っていましたが、再び飛び立つことはできません。そして間もなく鳥に食べられてしまいました.....

Ponder: A man saw a butterfly struggling to emerge from the cocoon. He tried to help it by taking a pair of scissors and cutting open the chrysalis, to enable it to fly as soon as possible. Who would have thought that the butterfly would flutter its wings a few times, fall to the ground and crawl. Unable to fly anymore, it was eaten by a bird soon afterwards.....

2 more paragraphs....

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