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This page will hold a schedule for Chatroom activities.

Date Start End Room What
Every Saturday or Sunday morning. 08:00 AM(SST=GMT+8) 10:00 変化が生命をもらたす - Change Brings Life Coco and Shirley will be working on the translation.
24-09-2006 (done) 16:30(SST)
17:30 (JST)
17:45 (SST)
18:45 (JST)
変化が生命をもらたす(仮題) Change Brings Life 変化が説明をもたらす(仮題) 改稿/最新版
XX-11-2006   交換船 日米交換船の読書会 (今週の読書範囲は、Current eventsにご参照)
10-09-2006 (done) 21:00 (JST)
12:00 (GMT)
23:00 (JST) 14:00 (GMT) JLPT4 Practised i-adjectives, adjective conjugations, some past year papers questions review. Tanuki asked about the word 側 (soba vs waga)
17-09-2006 (done) 21:00 (JST)
12:00 (GMT)
23:30 (JST) 14:30 (GMT) JLPT4 Practised na-adjectives, connecting adjectives, verb -te form, connecting verbs
24-09-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:30 (GMT) Differences between だけ and しか, usage of あげる and くれる. (log)
01-10-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:00 (GMT) Particles (ha vs ga, ni, de, wo), little review of some adverbs that appear in the test. (log)
08-10-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 15:00 (GMT)

ごろ、ぐらい、~verb(past)あとで、ときに, past paper review and discussion. (log)

15-10-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:00 (GMT) koto / koto ga dekiru / verb + koto, nominalization with no, sou desu [ka/ne](log)
15-10-2006 (done) 12:15 (GMT) 14:45 (GMT) も、いつも(log)


See also Current events.

This link may help you finding right hour for your timezone:

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