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Chat Log Notice

The Chat Server has recently been upgraded and the links to the logs are no longer valid. You can visit [1] and find the new links to the chat logs. Once we are sure that the new Chat Server is working as expected we will update the links to the logs to point to the new location. --Zengargoyle 03:07, 6 November 2006 (EST)


Date Start End Room What
Every Saturday or Sunday morning. 08:00 AM(SST=GMT+8) 10:00 変化が生命をもらたす - Change Brings Life Coco and Shirley will be working on the translation.
11-11-2006 (done) 変化が生命をもらたす(仮題) Change Brings Life 変化が説明をもたらす(仮題) 改稿/最新版
XX-12-2006   交換船 日米交換船の読書会 (今週の読書範囲は、Current eventsにご参照)
XX-XX-2006 英語の感覚 Part II 時間感覚の鋭敏さ (115-116P )
10-09-2006 (done) 21:00 (JST)
12:00 (GMT)
23:00 (JST) 14:00 (GMT) JLPT4 Practised i-adjectives, adjective conjugations, some past year papers questions review. Tanuki asked about the word 側 (soba vs waga)
17-09-2006 (done) 21:00 (JST)
12:00 (GMT)
23:30 (JST) 14:30 (GMT) JLPT4 Practised na-adjectives, connecting adjectives, verb -te form, connecting verbs
24-09-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:30 (GMT) Differences between だけ and しか, usage of あげる and くれる. (log)
01-10-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:00 (GMT) Particles (ha vs ga, ni, de, wo), little review of some adverbs that appear in the test. (log)
08-10-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 15:00 (GMT)

ごろ、ぐらい、~verb(past)あとで、ときに, past paper review and discussion. (log)

15-10-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:00 (GMT) koto / koto ga dekiru / verb + koto, nominalization with no, sou desu [ka/ne](log)
22-10-2006 (done) 12:15 (GMT) 14:45 (GMT) も、いつも(log)
29-10-2006 (done) 12:00 (GMT) 15:15 (GMT) Quizzes!(log)
05-11-2006(done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:30 (GMT) Complete quizzes, listening comprehension ...
12-11-2006(done) 12:00 (GMT) 14:30 (GMT) Reading comprehension!(log)
19-11-2006(done) 12:00 (GMT) 15:10 (GMT) 文字(もじ)(log)  
26-11-2006(done) 12:00 (GMT) 15:30 (GMT) Last session!(log)


See also Current events.

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