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Conjugation Bases

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Conjugations bases are the "true" forms in which Japanese verbs and i-adjectives can be conjugated. They each convey a certain nuance, different from what English verb conjugations mean. Some of these bases can be used by themselves, especially in Old Japanese. In modern Japanese, these bases mostly important for the compound conjugation, which expresses meaning such as tense, mood, attidude of speaker and much more by adding suffixes, verbs and adjectives.

This article lists all the bases and the nuance they convey. See Verb conjugation and Adjective conjugation for formation.


終止形 (Shuushikei)

連体形 (Rentaikei)

連用形 (Renyoukei)

未然形 (Mizenkei)

已然形 (Izenkei)

命令形 (Meireikei)

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