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Ok, So you're New

Everyone was new at one time or another, but that won't draw much mercy when you come into a new place and start stepping on people's toes instead of shaking their hands. Everyone has standards of respect; failing to meet these standards will draw contempt and ridicule, but there is hope. All you need to do is take a little time to show others respect by composing your messages seriously. I'm making this list because even though some of these should fall under the heading: Common Sense, the others are truly learned behaviors. If you've never seen a list like this before--rest assured--these rules will serve you well on any forum.

Etiquette for online forums

1. Always read at least 50 posts before posting! 少なくとも過去1カ月程度の書き込みに目を通した上で投稿しましょう。

Nothing draws ridicule faster than asking a question right above someone else who asked the same question or correcting someone that's already been corrected. At the very least, read through an entire thread before posting to make sure someone else didn't already make your point. If you feel that the thread has too many pages to read them all, skip to the end and read the last 2 pages before posting on the thread.

2. Always read the FAQs or any "Read before posting" messages. 「FAQ」と「Read before posting」に定期的に目を通すようにしましょう。

Posting a question answered in the FAQ will not make you friends. "Read before Posting" rules usually specify forum specific rules that often go beyond standard etiquette. Be sure to read it.
Japという略称は使わないように勧告されていますので、日本人の方も使わないようにお願いします。この呼称が広まることで特に不快な思いをなさるのは在外邦人・日系人の方々です。参照 同様にGaijinという言葉を不快に感じる方が少なからずいることはFAQにあるスレッドのとおりです。

3. Write respectfully. 礼節をもって書き込みましょう。

This in not just modes of address but showing good grammar and spelling as well as following standard internet protocols: such as avoiding writing in ALL CAPS and using pertinent thread titles. Forums are not like a chat room with text wizzing by. Posters are expected to take the time to write well. Remember, if you respect your readers your readers will respect you. Learning a language means you take effective communication seriously. Prove it.
TJPのメンバーは国籍も年齢もさまざまです。読者はあなたより年長者で社会経験が豊富な方である可能性も高いのです。また書き込んだ日本語が学習され、そのまま使用される可能性がありますし、どの程度の敬意表現であるか問われ場合もあります。(参照) 良識ある言葉遣いを心掛けてください。

4. Don't spam. 回答がつかない場合でも催促するのはやめましょう。

Make one post. Always give at least 24 hours before complaining no one answered your post. If you answer two or more people, edit all your responses into one post.

5. Before posting, google your question. 質問する前に検索サイトで調べてみましょう。

If your question is answered in the top 5 google hits, people will consider you too lazy to bother helping.

6. Use the forum search function. フォーラム検索を充分に活用しましょう。

If the forum has a search function, use it before posting.

7. Don't ask for help without showing that you did make an effort on your own. TJPは英語の翻訳サイトではありません。

If you ask for help and show you made an effort, you automatically made friends who will extremely helpful.

8. Don't Necropost without cause. コメントしたい議論の投稿日を確認するようにしましょう。

Necroposting is posting on a thread that was dead and buried and bringing it back to life. You avoid necroposting by looking at the Posted date. If the thread was controversial let it stay buried; if the thread seems pertinent then it should be ok to necropost. The important point is not to chime in on a heated discussion that ended years ago.

9. Be brief. 質問は簡潔にまとめましょう。

The more concise your post the more people that will read it and potentially reply.

10. Use white space. 読みやすいように工夫して書きましょう。

Big blocks of text are difficult to read. If you break up your paragraphs with a full blank line, more people will read them.

11. Don't post big pictures in the text. 大きすぎる写真の投稿は避けましょう。

Big pictures tend to ruin the forum formatting. Always post big pictures as a link, thumbnail links are ok.

12. Avoid posting long URLs. 長いURLを引用する場合はリンクを埋め込みましょう。

Long URLs can also ruin the page formatting and just look bad. Some members use but I suggest just making a link. Type the text you want to link then highlight it. On the composition window there will be a button for URL. Click it with the text highlighted and the text will now be surrounded by [url]your text[/url] after the first url type = then paste the URL. so it will look like this. [url=]Google[/url] If you post like this, the readers will just see the link for Google with the rest hidden.
1行では納まらないURLアドレスが画面のレイアウトを乱すことがあるそうです。そのため長いURLを記載する場合は、リンクの埋め込みが推奨されています。参照 埋め込み方法は[url=]Google[/url] です。リンク先のアドレスの前に[url= を入れ、リンクしたい言葉(ここではGoogle)の先頭を ] で閉じ、その言葉の末尾に[/url]を入れます。

13. Don't hijack threads. スレッドの乗っ取りはやめましょう。

Making a post that does not even relate to a previous post on the thread is considered hijacking. Another form of hijacking is to transform someone else's thread into your own by asking a new question on someone else's thread. The standard rule for posting is one thread one question. It's best to start a new thread if you have a new question. Be warned, hijacking a tread is a form of contempt. If regular members start hijacking your thread, then it's usually a sign you broke one of the rules of etiquette.
スレッド・ハイジャックの定義は微妙ですが、他の人が立てたスレッドで会話の流れにそぐわない質問をすることは嫌われています。英語表現について質問する場合も、この点に注意が必要です。参照 参照
ただし スレッドの趣旨から考えて英語の語法と質問は、英語に関する質問である限りスレッド・ハイジャックにはあたりません。

14. Don't insult the mods. 管理者・運営者へは敬意を払いましょう。

This is one of those common sense things I mentioned.

15. Don't troll. 煽りを目的とした投稿はやめましょう。

Trolling is deliberately stirring controversy. There are different types of Trolls, but all like to stir up trouble.

16. Don't feed the trolls. 煽りや荒らしにエサを与えるのはやめましょう。

Now that you know what a troll is, you know how to fight them. Trolls feed on attention. If you ignore them they die the slow painful death they deserve.

17. Don't flame. 冷静に議論しましょう。

If you have a problem with a post, only address your problems with the post. Never insult the poster. Flaming is dedicating an entire post, or series of posts, to insulting another poster.

18. Never ask another poster to break the rules of Internet Safety. 個人情報に配慮しましょう。

Asking for personal information, such as e-mail addresses, on a public forum is a Bad Thing. If you are unfamiliar with basic internet safety then go learn that, then come back. Internet Safety first.

19. Take the time to say thank you. 回答へのお礼を忘れずに。

Don't ask a question and never post again on the thread. Then other members will believe you don't value their help.

20. 著作権に配慮しましょう。

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